Lucky me, I have German ancestors on both my maternal and paternal lines! I am currently researching the names SICK and SELL in Schleswig-Holstein, SCHNEIDER in Hessen and KUNDERS (Conard) in North Rhineland - Westphalia. I enjoy doing German research and trying to remember some of the high school German language that I took oh so long ago.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things"

So, I was looking through some of the stuff that my mom gave to me when she moved house.  Amongst the treasures was an old copy of Life magazine - early 1960's I think.  I found a funny advertisement for Midol and showed it to my husband.  So, being a Google fanatic, he found a link to some "horribly sexist" ads (yes that is actually in the website title).  

Here is one that hit (ooh, bad pun) home - not because I am a crazy woman driver, but because I have a son who will begin driving this summer.

By the way, I learned how to drive on a VW (not this one!) and I never crashed it!

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  1. Funny how times change. Now when you crash, the parts are NOT easy to replace or cheap. Usually the car is totaled!

    I enjoyed meeting you at Jamboree and having great conversation at the ice cream social.