Lucky me, I have German ancestors on both my maternal and paternal lines! I am currently researching the names SICK and SELL in Schleswig-Holstein, SCHNEIDER in Hessen and KUNDERS (Conard) in North Rhineland - Westphalia. I enjoy doing German research and trying to remember some of the high school German language that I took oh so long ago.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dank-Himmel für barmherzige Samariter! (Thank Heaven for Good Samaritans!)

My high school German classes didn't prepare me for German genealogical research.  I used an on-line translator and I'm a bit concerned about my headline!  

Speaking of translators, I wanted to sing the praises of a certain genealogy angel that not only helped me find several generations of German ancestors in Schleswig-Holstein, she also scanned, emailed and translated the entries for me!  Genealogy jackpot!  I even did the genealogy discovery dance.  It involves a lot of whooping and hollering, hands up in the air, etc.  Thankfully, I was home alone; otherwise, I might be posting this from the nearest mental institution.

Back to the serious bit....Here is the baptism record for my great great grandmother, Bertha Friedericke Jacobine Sick, who was born August 5, 1859 and baptized on August 18th.

Thank you, Ute, my translator angel in Germany!

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  1. Hi Cindy ~ See you'll be at Jamboree...hope to meet you there! I also have German ancestors - my most hard to track from Schleswig-Holstein (Nissen). Haven't done much with that line yet - but I'm suspecting some Danish ancestors there as well.